14 February 2007

Microsoft Exchange Hosted Services

Exchange Transforms Outlook Into A Powerful Enterprise-level Tool

Maintaining a Microsoft Exchange mail server can be expensive in terms of investments on equipment or cost of maintenances and Venture Domain Hosting understands the need for connectivity to office mail to send or receive important E-mail, without the constraints of staying in office to do so. Hence, our Hosted Exchange is a cost-effective solution to access the office mail without the need for an expensive mail server to be purchased and yet allow you to retain control over the full functions of a personalised E-mail account

Having Exchange mail services hosted by our Partner, eases the headache of having to worry about your mail services having a downtime. With a Service Level Agreement of 99.9%, you can be assured that your email services will be there when you need it.

Exchange Hosting offers SMEs an advanced, Outlook-based e-mail and collaboration solution with Web and Mobile access.

Services include:
  • 99.9% Service Level Agreement
  • Administration Portal
  • 200MB Mailbox Storage (per email account)
  • Outlook 2003 (RPC/HTTPS)
  • Outlook 2003 License
  • Outlook Web Access
  • Outlook Mobile Access
  • Calendar/Contacts/Tasks/Note/Journal
  • Anti Virus/ AntiSpam
  • 10MB Maximum Attachment Size
  • 24x7 monitoring of connection
  • Customised Email Addresses (userid@yourcompany.com.sg)

Advanced E-mail Functions

User Benefit: Exchange Server's remote, centralized information storage allows Exchange Hosting mailbox owners to set delivery options, size limitations, and other e-mail rules. Operating outside the users' local environment, these functions remain active even if the computer is off.

Your Company Domain Name

Corporate Benefit: Professionally enhance your business by adding your company's domain name to the e-mail address of all users (email@MyCompany.com).

Unlimited E-mail Aliases

Corporate Benefit: Enhance flexibility with unlimited e-mail aliases for your users with one primary "reply as" address for each mailbox.

Access to Other Users' Folders

Team Benefit: For advanced collaboration, other team members have access to specific folders located in the users' Exchange Hosting mailbox.

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