22 May 2007

Official Launching of Venture Domain Hosting Support Center

Dear Venture Domain Hosting Clients,

Over the last few months, we listened to our clients and took advantage of many suggestions made by them and combined with ours to continue our motto to provide quality hosting.

We are now very pleased to announce our new Support Center @ http://www.myvdh.com

The new Support Center will replaced our previous FAQ section as well as online Helpdesk.

The Support Center had been categorized to provide our Clients a comprehensive self-help system to find out the various Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) as well as How-To's .

Clients can also submit their 'support ticket' online via the Support Center which will managed and keep track of the support case status.

Clients are advised to visit the Support Center before sending any support inquiries.

Please also be reminded that we do not provide telephone support for budget and value hosting clients. The only support channel is via the Support Center.

Please visit the Support Center should you have any questions.