18 November 2009

Top Reasons to Try Microsoft Exchange Server 2010

  • Reduced deployment cost

    Exchange Server 2010 helps you reduce costs by addressing common infrastructure requirements such as backup, e-mail archiving, mobile e-mail access, and voice mail with no need for third-party tools.

  • Simplified high availability and disaster recovery

    Exchange Server 2010 introduces a simplified approach to high availability and disaster recovery to help you achieve new levels of reliability and reduce the complexity of delivering business continuity.

  • Easier administration and decreased dependence on the help desk

    Exchange Server 2010 provides new self-service capabilities to help users perform common tasks without calling the help desk.

  • Greater mobility and flexible access

    Exchange Server 2010 offers an enhanced universal inbox experience, which provides your users with access to all of their business communications from a single location.

  • Decreased inbox overload and increased productivity

    Exchange Server 2010 adds new productivity features which help your users organize and prioritize the communications in their inboxes efficiently.

  • Transformed voice mail

    With Exchange Server 2010, users can receive their voice mail messages in their inbox with text preview.

  • Simplified compliance

    Exchange Server 2010 delivers new integrated archiving functionality to help simplify compliance and discovery.

  • Safeguards for sensitive information

    With centrally managed and enforced information protection and control capabilities, Exchange Server 2010 makes it easy to encrypt, control, and moderate your company's communications.

  • Reduced risk of malware and spam

    Exchange Server 2010 actively helps protect your communications through built-in defenses against junk e-mail and support for an array of third party security products.