23 February 2010

Promotion: Get a Trade-In Transfer Credit

Switch to Venture Domain Hosting: Get a Trade-In Transfer Credit

Make the switch to Venture Domain Hosting today and trade-in your existing web hosting plan!

Trade-in your existing plan and you won't lose a cent of your balance contract period. Sign up for a Venture Domain Hosting shared hosting plan and then simply email our billing staff recent proof of your previous hosting account's most recent bill, and we will add 1 extra year to your new hosting plan with us

Benefits of our Trade-In Special

  1. There is no loss in your existing contract period with your old web host
    We allow you to add your existing contract period to your new Venture Domain Hosting package.

  2. You get Extra 1 Year of Hosting Free!
    On top of your old contract period + your new contract period, you will get an extra year of hosting completely free! Now that's amazing savings!

  3. Get 20% Extra Web Space. If the your old web host has a lower per MB pricing, we will follow their per MB pricing for your package plus you get an additional 20% extra web space.

How to apply for our Trade-In Special

  1. Send us a copy of your latest invoice sent by your hosting provider.
    Email to sales@vdomainhost.com.sg. Our Sales Team will review your application and inform you of their decision.

  2. Let us know which web hosting plan listed in our Trade-In Specials you are interested in.
    For available trade-in plans, please click here to view the trade-in hosting plans.

  3. Based on the trade-in plan you have chosen and together with your last invoice, if the per MB price of your current hosting provider is lower, we will match that per MB rate so that you do not lose out.