27 March 2010

Supporting Earth Hour 2010: 8.30PM at 27 March 2010

At 8:30pm on 27 March 2010, towns and cities across the world will turn off their lights for one hour sending a powerful global message that its possible to take action on climate change.

There are many ways business can support Earth Hour in 2010, from turning out the lights in buildings on the night through to communicating Earth Hour messaging and emissions targets to customers, tenants, partners and clients, to contributing financially.

1) Turn out lights at 8:30pm Saturday 27 March 2010
Turn out the lights in your buildings, facilities and signage for one hour at 8:30pm on Saturday 27 March 2010.

For larger buildings, the facilities and building managers need to manage the logistics of switching off non-essential lighting for Earth Hour - including neon lights - in and around your properties.

2) Communicate Earth Hour to partners, clients, suppliers and other networks
Provide information about Earth Hour to partners,clients, suppliers and other organisations your business works with on a regular basis.

3) Communicate Earth Hour to your staff
Business support for Earth Hour is about every level of your organisation becoming involved, from CEO and Board members through to administrative staff.

Communicate Earth Hour to all staff using email and other newsletters, posters, intranet, SMS, website, staff associations and committees.

Encourage staff, colleagues and their families to take part in Earth Hour on 27 March and commit to long-term emissions reductions both in the workplace and at home.

4) Communicate long-term Earth Hour goals

Earth Hour is not just about one hour, it's about making long-term changes to the way we use electricity and resources both in the workplace and at home.

When communicating with tenants, customers, other offices and staff, be sure to include secondary messaging regarding emissions reductions (especially lighting).

Please visit www.earthhour.org for more information regarding giving your support for Earth Hour.