29 January 2011

Chinese Lunar New Year Break

Dear Customers, Partners and Associates

It's our first short break of the year, our sales and billing team will be taking a short break from today and be back on the 7th Feb.

Our datacentre team will be standing by 24x7 to monitor our backend servers and customers can always email us at support@vdomainhost.com.sg or contact the datacentre customer service team at 65-287-387.

All sales and billing inquiries during our break will be diverted to our datacentre team. Customers can email sales@vdomainhost.com.sg for sales related inquires and finance@vdomainhost.com.sg for billing and account related inquiries, our team will respond upon back from their break.

Here at Venture Domain Hosting we wishes everyone a prosperous new year.

Jack Anderson
Venture Domain Hosting