22 January 2014

Spamhaus Listing - 2014-01-22

Dear Customers,

Yesterday, one of the third party external spam registries called 'Spamhaus' misconfigured their spam systems and caused thousands of POP email servers around the world to be blocked by mistake. Although the datacentre do feel this listing was done in error, the datacentre have made some additional improvements to the outbound spam scanning to further reduce the number of spam messages that get by the filters

As a result of the misconfiguration of Spamhaus, Spamhaus would unknowingly block POP emails from reaching the companies that use Spamhaus.

The dataentre are also trying to reach out to Spamhaus.org to obtain more information about why this msconfiguration has occurred as the datacentre still feel it was done in error. Unfortunately Spamhaus do not provide any public contacts, so the datacentre are trying to see if they can find another way to contact them and work through this issue with them.

Spamhaus does not have a phone number and they only correspond via email.

Our datacentres and other datacentres globally have been consistently emailing Spamhaus to request that they correct this.

We are still awaiting new updates from Spamhaus.

Email senders using Enterprise Microsoft Exchange Servers are not affected by this.

Best regards.

Vartan Gevork
Venture Domain Hosting